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Advantage Investment specialise in sourcing the very best property investments specifically to meet our clients needs. Every client is unique and has different investment goals and we firmly believe a tailored approach on an individual basis works best over a ‘one-size fits all’ consultancy service. That is why we offer various types of property investments at differing price-points and in numerous locations. We source investments ranging from off-plan to completed, student to residential & HMOs to land.

We are able to recommend and advise our clients on every element of the property investment world. This includes, but is not limited to: 

Picking Out The Best-Suited Investments

Negotiating On Your Behalf With Developers To Achieve The Best Deals

Recommending Specialist Solicitors & Mortgage Brokers

Facilitating Management Of The Property/Introducing You To Management Companies

Property Investment can be a difficult sector to navigate (especially for newer investors) and experience is vital to ensure security and maximum return on investment. Our goal is to take the headache away from our clients by doing as much as we can for them, to truly create a ‘hands-off experience’, whilst maximising their returns in the process.

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