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The Types of Student Investment

Purpose build student accommodation

This type of investment is typically built brand new by private developers for university students, and it can take the form of apartments/studios or a modernised version of halls of residence with amenities such as a lounge, gym, or outdoor space.

Student HMO

This is typically a house or flat for three or more people who will share facilities like a bathroom and kitchen.

PBSAs vs Buy-to-Let

With more students now having higher expectations of the quality of student accommodation, purposebuilt apartments are becoming more in-demand. Features such as fast WiFi, modern fittings and furnishings are top priorities for many students. Buying property to convert into a HMO will usually cost a considerable amount of money, so it will take a while to start getting a return on the investment. Investing in PBSAs has become more popular, especially with investors who are looking to make profits as quickly as possible

Points to consider before investing in student accommodation

1. Cash Only

Many investment opportunities on the market by way of student accommodation are limited to the funding that they can be given. PBSA can not be funded with mortgages from banks so will require a fully funded cash purchase. Student HMO’s often have difficulty securing a mortgage due to additional regulations.


2. Higher yields

Student investment in many areas come with higher yields than other property investments and longer assured returns. Rentals on student investment are typical 1-3 years and the average yield in large cities are 7% and above.


3. Lower Capital growth

Capital growth is usually lower than a residential investment, this is offset with additional advantages such as the security of a guaranteed income for a set amount of time

4. Location is Key

Establishing which cities and locations across the UK to invest in can be complex. Factors to consider are university size, population factors, transportation services and investment opportunities. The right locations might mean your propertyis in higher demand making it a smarter long-term investment.


5. PBSA or HMO

Choosing between HMO or PBSA can depend on your financial backing, the location you’re choosing to invest in or your choice of management. HMOs require an HMO mortgage whilst you can’t get funding for PSBA. The location depends on the demand in areas and what is available. Finally, management, PBSA usually come fully managed whereas an HMO you must manage yourself or pay an external company to do so.

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